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Hello! I am David Robinson, a music publisher, and teacher. I have been in the music and audio production industry for more than four decades now, offering my music skills at various orchestras, ensembles, bands, and choirs.


Learn or Master Music

Based out of metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia USA, my vision is to spread music everywhere. He wants to see the joy of creating music not only in myself, but in students, teachers, musicians, and arts enthusiasts.

His music workshops for students and teachers are enriching and offer you complete guidance in learning or mastering music.

Variety of Musical Services

Over the last 47 years, he has worn many hats as a music artist, educator, and producer.  He composes and arranges a variety of multicultural music for any instrumentation and combination of voices.

  • Guest conductor
  • Clinician
  • Residency
  • Contractor
  • Adjudicator
  • Consultant
  • Commissioned works


Negro Spirituals for String Orchestra. Other musical works will soon be on the market - marches, waltzes, jazz, hip-hop, and so on.

David E. Robinson III’s

Collection of Negro Spirituals
For String Orchestra

All-A God’s Chillun Got Wings(3)$45.00
De Ol’ Ark’s A-Moverin   (3)$45.00
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?(3)$45.00
Spiritual Prayer(2.5)$45.00
I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray(3)$45.00
I Want to be Ready(3)$45.00
Joshua Fit the Battle(3.5)$45.00
My Lord, What a Morning (3)$45.00
Nobody Knows the Trouble I See(3)$45.00
Rockin’ Jerusalem (3)$45.00
Whatcha Gonna Call Yo’ Pretty Little Baby? (Christmas) (3)$45.00

Shipping and handling in the U.S.: $7.00 U.S. for first selection; $5.00 U.S. for each additional selection in the same order and shipment. Shipping rates vary outside of the U.S. No shipping and handling charges for sending music electronically.

Parts to be mailed: 8 1st Violin, 8 2nd Violin. 4 3rd Violin (Viola T.C.), 8 Viola, 6 ‘Cello, 5 Double Bass, and 1 Conductor Score.  Additional parts $2.00 each. Additional Score $5.00 each. Check/money order made payable to:

David E. Robinson III
P.O. Box 42732
Atlanta, Georgia 30311 U.S.A.
Contact: (404) 944-9567
Please use this e-mail for any PayPal payments